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Spicy Confessions: “Arrested For Sex With My Brothers Friend On The Beach”

sex with my brothers friend

Soooo this happened last weekend when both me and my younger brother had people over at our beach house in LBI (I know we broke quarantine we suck w/e). And I kind of ended up having sex with my brothers friend.

Anyway I was there with my boyfriend on Friday night, he left Saturday when my brother and his friends were coming. I wasn’t ready to leave yet. I said I’d stay and tan, read, etc. (I love my family beach house). My brother could just drive me home on Sunday. So my boyfriend drove back to the city.

My brother and all his friends are 18/19 just graduated high school.

sex with my brothers friend

I was not expecting this at all but I was stunned when his friends arrived. Damn they caught me off guard with how good they looked. And so cocky and direct with me. Tyler had to tell them to lay off but I was LOVING it.

So we are all chillin on the porch we’d been drinking and smoking all day. Slowly people started passing out until one of my brothers friends, we’ll call him Tyler, offered me a different drug.

We went to the bathroom got hopped up and decided to go for a walk on the boardwalk. I was out of my mind high at this point and Tyler was already looking cute. I figured I’d try to lead the situation to where he could make a move, because I’m literally 27 and engaged. I shouldn’t even be thinking that.

I lead us onto the beach and under the pier, where FINALLY he just says I’ve wanted to fuck you so long you have no idea, and just pushes me up against a wooden pole and starts kissing my neck while he squeezed my ass hard. Like really hard he must have really been wanting to do that specifically

Anyway he’s kissing my neck I’m like putty in his hands right now, I hear him unzip his pants and start to push my shoulders down. I remember thinking fuck alright I don’t think I should actually follow through with this.

Once I saw his dick I wasn’t thinking about anything else. Pleasing Tyler was my life purpose in that moment. Looking back the trance I was in scares me.

His cock was bigger than I expected, definitely thick, and was just generally a lot more manlier than I expected. But still super smooth. Idk it got me super turned on when it was in front of my face. He started to push my face towards him but I was very willing at this point.

I remember I put his dick in my mouth and thats when I was initially like wow this is bigger than my boyfriends. Then I went full submissive mode, I didn’t care about anything except sucking that cock and making Tyler feel like a king. I was sliding the shaft in and out of my mouth super super slowly, just gliding the head and shaft across my lips and tounge. Playing with his balls and attempting to deepthroat every few trips back down the shaft.

When I gag on a cock I just start tearing and I’m in like full idgaf use me mode, at one point he held my head against his abdomen like his dick went allll the way down and he like held it there and I gagged really hard like twice and he was like fuck I’m sorry are you ok that just felt really good and I remember saying you can do whatever you want to me.

I was borderline black out (I mean I’m having sex with my brothers friend) plus in a bit of a dick trance but I know he said he wanted to lose his virginity to me. Idk what I was thinking but I have a vague memory of him suggesting the lifeguard chair (the big white ones you can lay on).

I remember being completely naked underneath him and I definitely remember him entering me the first time, I was really having sex with my brothers friend. Cheating on my boyfriend. With Tyler. A 19 year old.

After he came inside me I just passed out it was so intense telling him I wanted him to cum inside me, him telling me he loved me, so yeah I passed out and apparently he fucked me again while I was asleep he mentioned that later and then next thing I remember is flashlights in my face.

(Leaving this out) Police Department. Rolling up to see an 18 year old who had just nutted in a 27 year old on a lifeguard chair on a public beach, both passed out. What a scene.

After confirming I wasn’t raped. (They were CONVINCED) that was the case, extra embarrasing to explain that nope hes not a rapist im just a slut! Anyway we both got public indecency and we had to get picked up so my brother knows, he hates me, his other friends have been snapping me, and I had to get an Uber home on Sunday.

EDIT – For the record I told my bf and he promptly broke up with me/kicked me out but not before letting me know I “wasted 3 great years of his life and if he kills himself it’s because of me”.

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